• Infrastructure x Equity

    advancing equity and resilience in the new green economy

  • Mission

    We are passionate about integrating equity and inclusion into infrastructure development. We bring together development professionals, government officials, and communities to transform how projects are envisioned, funded, built and maintained byand forpresent and future generations. We strive to ensure that workers and local residents can access and participate in the green economy, contributing to a just climate transition.

    About Our Organization

    Founded in 2022, our non-profit works at the intersection of infrastructure development and equity. We believe projects that are genuinely responsive to the needs of local stakeholders, and that integrate underrepresented voices and values—including cultural heritage and the natural environment—can pay enormous social dividends, while achieving financial sustainability in the long run.
    We equip entities carrying out infrastructure work (including private companies, civil society, local and regional governments) with holistic frameworks and development strategies to address the multidimensional landscape of community values. We believe resilient development must be inclusive, and that a sustainable, climate-friendly future requires mainstreaming concern for justice, diversity, and equity.
  • Activities

    Infrastructure x Equity's key workstreams

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    Project Advisory

    Developing strategies, frameworks, and trainings to mainstream equity and inclusion in planning, design, and project development.

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    Stakeholder Convening

    Bringing together business, government and community stakeholders to grow a more inclusive and resilient green economy.

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    Thought Leadership

    Sharing new approaches to infrastructure development, to shift public discussion and norms to become more participatory, democratic and equitable.

  • Projects


    Report Released: "Better Neigbors: Improving the

    Local Green Economy Ecosystem" (2022 Roundtable)

    February 2023 - sharing key outcomes from the roundtable with cities and green economy companies (more info)

    Roundtable Dialogue

    "Better Neighbors" Roundtable with Cities

    & Green Economy Companies

    July 2022 - Forum at Stanford University with Bay Area cities and companies (more info)

    Platform Development

    Transitioning fossil fuel workers to future jobs

    Building capacity and matching workers to green economy opportunities using data science

    Research Initiative

    Measuring resilience and equity in green infrastructure

    Assessing infrastructure projects using resilience and equity indicators

  • Our Team

    Interdisciplinary Collaboration

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    Kevin Fan Hsu

    Kevin is a sustainability and resilience planning professional with experience on both sides of the Pacific. He has held positions with the Centre for Liveable Cities, the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, and The Walt Disney Company. He holds an M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Stanford University and M.A. in Cultural Heritage Management from Johns Hopkins University. Kevin has taught courses on energy/environment, design, and public participation at Stanford, and is a 2022 Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI) fellow.

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    Christina Jenq

    Christina Jenq, Ph.D. is an applied economist with cross-disciplinary experience in economic modeling, labor and development economics, academia, finance, and consulting. She is passionate about promoting equity of economic opportunity for females and other under-represented communities. She received her B.A. in Physics from Harvard College and her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

  • Updates

    As sustainability-focused firms expand, and local governments channel federal infrastructure...
    Infrastructure x Equity is a non-profit that brings together green economy companies, city...