Report: How cities & companies can partner to deliver a green economy for all

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As sustainability-focused firms expand, and local governments channel federal infrastructure dollars, how do we make the rapidly-growing green economy work for local communities? In 2022, Infrastructure x Equity convened city governments, battery manufacturing & energy storage companies, and local non-profits at Stanford University to tackle this question.

We are now launching 'Better Neighbors: Improving the Local Green Economy Ecosystem' the final report from our multi-stakeholder roundtable. The report addresses:

(1) Challenges of Operating in the San Francisco Bay Area. How do green economy firms navigate a complex regulatory environment? What pain points do cities and companies each face when manufacturing and R&D facilities expand?

(2) Attracting the Future Economy. How do cities create an environment hospitable to green economy companies? What municipal qualities, infrastructure, and amenities attract and retain talent?

(3) Navigating Growth Responsibly. How do public, private, and non-profit entities work together to ensure that opportunities and benefits are shared with the local community? How can stakeholders communicate and cooperate more effectively?

Read the Executive Summary and Full Report with insights captured at this unique convening to deliver a green economy for all.


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Participants sorted their numerous pain points from lower priority to higher priority, and from easier to more difficult to solve. The lower right-hand quadrant represents “low-hanging fruit” that companies and governments can take immediate action to address. The upper right-hand quadrant reveals more challenging problems that require long-term planning to resolve. Pain points about navigating city government were generally a high priority, with a wide range of difficulty. Workforce development issues clustered in the upper-right quadrant are seen as important, but in need of significant coordination.


Workshop Outcomes

Download "Better Neighbors: Improving the Local Green Economy Ecosystem" Full Report (PDF)

Download the "Better Neighbors" Executive Summary (PDF)

Download the Agenda 2023 (PDF) roadmap for short-term and long-term cooperative action



Kevin Hsu and Christina Jenq


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