7/22 Roundtable Dialogue @ Stanford

Better Neighbors: Improving the Local Green Economy Ecosystem

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Infrastructure x Equity is a non-profit that brings together green economy companies, city leaders, and community groups to build a more equitable and inclusive climate transition. On July 22, we are convening a roundtable dialogue at Stanford University with green economy firms (such as battery companies) that have a manufacturing footprint, together with government officials from Bay Area cities that host their facilities and operations.

Roundtable Format

Under the theme “Better Neighbors: Improving the Local Green Economy Ecosystem,” we will discuss topics such as:

1. Attracting the Future Economy & Navigating Growth Responsibly: How can cities create an environment more hospitable to green economy companies? What strategies will smooth the path to setting up facilities? What services and amenities are more likely to attract and retain talent? Can we go beyond taxbreaks to tackle sustainable operations and quality of life?

Conversely, what do companies with manufacturing facilities need to know as they expand their operations in Bay Area cities? How can they navigate the confusing landscape of environmental impact, business permitting, fire safety, transportation and more?

2. Sharing Gains Equitably & Sustaining Dialogue: Can public, private and non-profit sectors work together to ensure the local community benefits from a company’s expanding footprint? What dimensions, such as jobs accessible to diverse demographics, procurement opportunities, or capacity building, are involved? How do we facilitate communication and strengthen a sense of collaboration among all stakeholders? How might green economy businesses and local governments engage with residents in the places where companies are growing roots?

We will host a select group of participants in this roundtable to allow for greater interaction.

Bonus Green Buildings Tour (Space is Limited)

We are also pleased to announce that offer an optional tour of Stanford's LEED Platinum-certified Knight Management Center for invited and registered attendees (see below for schedule). More information about the Knight Management center can be found here. Invited attendees interested in the tour should make sure to complete their event registration.

Confirmed Attendees & Registration

City Government: City of Fremont (Economic Development Team), City of San José (Mayor's Office of Innovation), City of Sunnyvale (City Council), City of Mountain View (Sustainability and Resilience, Economic Vitality), City of San Leandro (Economic Development)

Industry: Cuberg (battery manufacturing), Amber Kinetics (energy storage), Our Next Energy Inc. (ONE), Volta Foundation (industry-wide representative from battery manufacturing), Rondo Energy (industrial heat), Moxion Power (mobile energy systems), Amprius (battery manufacturing), Electric Hydrogen (future fuel), Farasis (battery manufacturing). Others soon to be announced.

Funders or Investors: Energy Impact Partners LP, Congruent Ventures

Community Organizations: Menlo Spark, Transformative Climate Communities (state of California program)

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED: Please contact kevin@infrastructure-equity.org if you are interested in this roundtable or future events.


Tentative Agenda (7/22)

8:00 am - 9:00  Breakfast and Mingling

8:40 - 9:00

9:00 - 9:30 (roundtable) Introduction and Provocations. Sharing by participants on "Practical Challenges when Scaling in Bay Area Cities"

9:30 - 10:30 (breakout discussion) Moving Beyond Tax Breaks: Attracting Green Companies with Ease of Business and Quality of Life

10:30 - 11:00 Break

11:00 - 12:00 (breakout discussion) Growing Responsibly: What Companies Can do as Responsible Neighbors (includes discussion of Equitable Jobs)

12-12:30 (roundtable) Final Reflections

2pm-3pm (Optional for registered attendees) Tour of Stanford's LEED Platinum-certified Knight Management Center


Please contact kevin@infrastructure-equity.org if you are interested in this roundtable or future events.